Online Tuition and Lessons for Bagpipes and Practice Chanter

Update due Coronavirus bagpipe lessons online via Skype or Zoom are currently the only way for lessons to be given at present

I have a Skype Facility for Students who are out of reach. I can give Skype Chanter Tuition or Skype Bagpipe Tuition.  The charge is £15 per half-hour.

For those who have never used Skype it is free to download and easy to use. Instructor and student can see and hear each other. You can use various types of computers such as PC,  laptop or even some phones. Laptops usually have built-in cameras but you can also use a clip-on camera connected by USB.

Why take Skype Bagpipe Lessons? I have people from far-flung places such as Siberia and Australia who take Skype Bagpipe Lessons from me - the reasons are many, but mainly due to lack of decent local instructors, and just to augment their tuition by CD Rom and Tutor Book.

Skype chanter or bagpipe lessons, to give you an idea, are like taking part in video-conferencing. We can hear and see each other and there can be a small time delay. The beauty of Skype Bagpipe Lessons is that I am able to see the students fingers and correct any false fingering and I can hear their playing and correct any incorrect movements or notes. The student can also see my fingers and hear my playing.

Skype piping instruction can be tailored to your exact requirements and if you require help for something out of the ordinary then e-mail me first so that I can prepare for your lesson. We can also e-mail the music to each other for specific tunes or exercises.

My Skype address is      thomasjohnstone01